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Content Creation On-Campus Open House

Saturday, February 6th

Join us on-campus on Saturday, February 6th to learn more about the Content Creation program, career placement & financial aid.

We’ll fill you in on what it takes to build a killer, life-changing, memorable circus portfolio. A portfolio that will land you in some of the most amazing, talked about creative agencies, design shops, and studios around today.

Are you a recent college graduate wondering what’s next? Graduates from The Creative Circus prove that it is possible to get paid to do what you love.

Content Creation

Creative Circus photographers & content creators bring a lot more to the creative table than their DSLR cameras. To succeed creatively you must seek passionately, measure accurately, engage completely and practice daily. Today’s commercial photographer is actually more producer than shooter. They plan, gather and direct the process of making images, either working alone or with others. Content Creators produce compelling content that takes viewers on a journey. Content Creation requires a mixture of right-brained and left-brained activities — in other words, you’ll need to be organized and creative, analytical and associative, disciplined and diverse.

About Creative Circus:

The Creative Circus is unlike any school you’ve experienced before. More a subset of the communications arts industry than academia, The Creative Circus has prepared some of the world’s best working creative talent. Founded in 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, The Creative Circus is an accredited, two-year, portfolio-building, educational program for the creative side of the Advertising, Graphic Design, Creative Technology and Content Creation. Located in an energetic, converted warehouse that feels more like an agency, design firm or studio than a traditional school, future creatives build portfolios that help them land the best jobs in the field.

Event Details

10 AM – 10:30 AM: One-on-one campus tours

10:30 AM: Portfolio School in a Nutshell – Dave Haan (Executive Director)

11 AM: What is Content Creation? – Greg Strelecki (Image Department Head)

12 PM: Q&A Session

Covid-19 Safety

We are limiting the number of potential students & their guests allowed on campus to comply with local Covid-19 guidelines. We are staggering arrivals to allow for socially distanced tours. After individual campus tours, Jen Mageau (Art Direction Department Head) & Dan Balser (Advertising Department Head) will speak to the group in our theater. Seating will be spaced out to maintain social distance guidelines.

After you RSVP, you will receive an email from The Creative Circus Admissions team with your exact arrival time & Covid-19 Safety Precaution guidelines.


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